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Home safety: Smoke Detectors
According to the National Safety Council, fire kills more than 2,900 people and injures 16,000 others each year. Most fires that claim lives occur at night. Install smoke detectors... [more]
Home safety: Carbon Monoxide Detectors
Carbon monoxide - an odorless, colorless, and tasteless gas - killed 300 people last year and sent thousands more to the hospital. For between $40 and $170, a CO detector will aler... [more]
Home safety: Radon-Detector Kit
The Environmental Protection Association says radon might be responsible for up to 30,000 lung cancer deaths each year. Hardware stores carry do-it-yourself radon-detector kits for... [more]
Home safety: Night Lights
Babababoboooom. That's the sound your family hears when you topple down the stairs on your way to sneak a midnight snack. Simple, inexpensive night lights can prevent late-night fa... [more]
Home safety: Sensor Lights
Outdoor motion-sensor lights can help you see your way at night and scare off intruders. Usually, you can replace existing light fixtures with sensor lights without additional wiri... [more]
Home safety: Sturdy One-Step Stool
Can't reach Aunt Minnie's purple crocheted pillow covers in the back of the closet? And she's on her way over? You look around the room and your eyes settle on ... the rocking chai... [more]
Home safety: Rubber Suction Bath Mats/Slip-Resistant Throw Rugs
You're wet. And so is the floor. A suction-type rubber mat or adhesive-backed appliques will keep you steady in the stall and tub. A nonskid rug outside the tub will prevent slips ... [more]
Home safety: Grab Bars
Hold on to a wall grab bar when you get in and out of the tub. If your bathroom doesn't have grab bars, you can purchase them at most hardware stores. Fasten them with long screws ... [more]
Home safety: Handrails
Every set of stairs, whether inside or outside your home, should have sturdy handrails securely mounted on both sides. Stairs and steps account for nearly half of all fatal falls i... [more]
Home safety: Deadbolt Locks
Put a deadbolt lock on every entrance to your home. Ask the locksmith for a deadbolt lock that's pick- and drill-proof. Such locks start at $150. Invest in sturdy doors; a good loc... [more]

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